Discover Hobart-Top Gun Incentive Trip


Experience the unforgettable “Discover Hobart – Top Gun Incentive Trip,” where 20 exceptional team members were rewarded with an incredible adventure to discover the magic of Hobart first-hand.

From the breathtaking vistas of Bruny Island to exclusive wine tastings at picturesque wineries, every moment was infused with camaraderie and relaxation. Witness the transformative power of this journey as teams bond, recharge, and return with newfound inspiration for future successes.

Client’s Objectives:

Reward 20 top performing team members with memorable trip to Hobart on economical budget.

Key Highlights:

  • Bruny Island. Our private tour of the island let the group visit The Spit for stunning views across bays, immaculate beaches, locally produced cheese, beer and whisky tasting, as well as an enriching hike through a stunning fern tree forest.
  • Exclusive afternoon at winery. The relaxed owners hosted our group for the afternoon with an informal wine tasting with cheese platters overlooking acres and acres of land. The host’s passion was infectious, and the group loved and matched his energy. We were treated to a homegrown meal and of course, delicious wine. The peaceful pace of the day let the team unwind, fully switch off from work and enjoy everything about their surroundings.

The Result:

The group had a lot of fun and laughs of the trip and recharged from their busy work life. New friendships were formed throughout the group which led to discussions on how they can more effectively work together and exceed again in the following quarter.


“Nailed it again!” Client