Award Winning: Connoisseur’s Ice Cream Container

Australian made, Connoisseur, known for its premium ice cream and immersive sensory experiences. Creating unique ingredient combinations crafted for the Australian palate – delivers exciting and luxurious taste experiences year on year for true ice cream lovers.


  1. Boost brand visibility
  2. Create awareness and drive curiosity
  3. Sustainable and Re-usable
  4. Drive sales and loyalty

The Outcome:

What was something that would spark curiosity, drive sales and be able to be used year after year? Connoisseur came to Ke. Creative with this brief in mind and we couldn’t go past the unique structure and versatility of a shipping container!

We couldn’t stop at one level though, to ignite the curiosity, visitors could take the spiral staircase up to the rooftop and have the best views of the expo in the lounge above. A place for guests to put their feet up, enjoy an ice cream while sales staff took down their orders for the year!

The Result? An Award winning activation that was themed year on year and popped up at many shows around Australia including Adelaides’ Fringe Festival and Melbourne’s Australian Open.