Microsoft Teams

Playing on the Team for Microsoft Teams.

Known for Accomplishing More Together Across Work and Life, Ke partnered with Microsoft Teams to bring an activation to life that would bring teams together in a playful environment.


  1. Boost brand visibility
  2. Bring sales teams together
  3. Use sport or fitness as the main driver
  4. Generate buzz and excitement

As sponsor of the JB Hi Fi Sales Conference, Microsoft sought the creative prowess of Ke. Creative Events to transform a mere conference space into a vibrant and interactive spectacle. The challenge? Craft an activation that not only seamlessly tied back to their software gem, ‘Microsoft Teams,’ but also infused an element of sportsmanship and playfulness.

Enter the 6m x 6m canvas of creativity – where we didn’t just build a stand; we brought an old-school basketball court to life. Lockers, bench seating, Air Jordon’s and pulsating neon Microsoft art blended seamlessly, creating an atmosphere that transcended the typical conference experience.

Attendees weren’t just drawn; they were magnetically pulled in. Imagine a 3-point shoot-out competition that not only piqued everyone’s competitive spirit but also dangled major prizes as the ultimate bait. The result? Teams brought together, engagement skyrocketed, and an indelible impression was etched into the minds of all who stepped onto our transformed court.

On the exhibition floor, our creation stood as the undisputed hero, stealing the spotlight and becoming the talk of the conference!