Best of Best Sales Team Incentive Trip to the Top End


The Australian Sales Team’s top 25 performers were rewarded with a memorable, budget-friendly trip designed to foster camaraderie and ongoing excellence. Experiences like a breathtaking dinner under the stars in George Brown Botanic Gardens and a sunrise at Berry Springs in Litchfield National Park left guests in awe.

A bush tucker picnic by the sea, complemented by Indigenous community connections, showcased the region’s cultural richness. Personalized VIP goody bags and engaging activities like a Traditional Smoking Ceremony and Spear Throwing workshop deepened the bond. The trip’s success was evident as friendships flourished, and guests departed Darwin invigorated and inspired for future achievements, fueled by newfound knowledge and connections.

Client’s Objectives:

Create a fun, smooth and inclusive trip within budget to reward the top 25 performers of Australian Sales Team and encourage ongoing top performance. The trip must include experiences which guests couldn’t arrange themselves if they were to go on holiday in that location.

Key Highlights:

  • Dinner under the stars in George Brown Botanic Gardens. We had our own piece of paradise on a private lawn surrounded by tropical plants. A Creative’s dream is a stunning blank canvas like this where we bought in everything from the cutlery to the kitchen. The guests were absolutely blown away when they arrived and loved experiencing dining in nature and watching Darwin’s beautiful sky change colour as the sunset and the stars swept over us.
  • Sunrise at Springs–Litchfield National Park. Anyone can go to Litchfield National Park but being the first in the warm water while the sun is rising is the best way to experience the springs! Our private bespoke tour, gave the guests a day of getting back to nature, with swims, hikes and a healthy, fresh lunch amongst the trees.
  • A picturesque Bush Tucker picnic by the sea. After an exhilarating jumping crocs tour on Adelaide river guests were taken to peaceful lawns overlooking the beach. The décor (arranged purely for this group) and surroundings were stunning and the menu was an adventurously created bush tucker lunch from Chilli Buffalo Sausage Rolls, Bush Tomato Relish to Crocodile and Paw Paw.

Ke. Creative’s additional objective:

Create a meaningful connection with the Indigenous community and traditions as well as working with local, small businesses.

Guests arrived in their rooms to be greeted with a personalised VIP goody bag including sustainably selected gifts presented in a tote bag designed by local artists including their story and message and created locally by an organisation which helps employ those with disabilities that would otherwise struggle to be employed.

Once guests settled into the hotel, we officially began the event with a Traditional Smoking Ceremony from a Larrakia man, whom we met with several times again throughout the trip. This was the first time ever for each member of the group, it was a special moment to begin the week. The following day we met again for a traditional Spear Throwing workshop on the lawn and he spontaneously showed the inquisitive guests how they start fire for the ceremony. We were honoured with a digeridoo welcome on one of our evenings in nature too.

The Result:

The group bonded so well throughout the trip. It was great to see new friedships made with people working in different states and divisions. There was a range of activities which suited the whole group so everyone could participate and enjoy each other’s company while learning so much about Darwin. Every guest was amazed by what NT had to offer and left Darwin feeling refreshed and motivated to kick goals so they can make it to the next trip!


“I loved the attention to detail from the personal welcome note to the daily surprises.” Guest “Thank you for an awesome trip, we hope you enjoyed as much as we did!” Guest