New Zealand North Island Exploration–Incentive Trip


The “First Post-COVID International Trip for Top Performing Team” showcased New Zealand’s North Island with an adventurous yet inclusive itinerary. Highlights included a magical Hobbit Feast at Hobbiton and exhilarating Americas Cup Sailing. Guests were awestruck by Auckland’s offerings, leaving them grateful for an unforgettable journey under budget.

Client’s Objectives:

The first post-covid international trip for top performing team. Adventurous but inclusive itinerary which showcases the North Island of New Zealand. Guests to experience something they couldn’t arrange themselves.

Key Highlights:

  • Hobbit Feast. A location that could feel very touristy was anything but! On arrival to Hobbiton, we led our guests into a cottage and surprised them with a Hobbit Feast for the eyes and belly! There is no better feeling as an event organiser than to see the childlike expressions of amazement from guests when they enter such a magical room. The movie set building felt completely authentic, the food was incredible and made them feel like the stars of the show.
  • Americas Cup Sailing. A team building activity like no other. Guests were part of the crew and had to work together to rig (pull up) the sails. It was exhilarating to move at speed and be on the boat as it angled along the water while also giving moments to relax and take in the view.

The Result:

Guests were so surprised by the activities and fantastic restaurants that Auckland and surrounds had to offer. We love to get guests on the water on incentive trips to get inspired and lose signal! It is a great opportunity to be fully present and enjoy every moment. We achieved another memorable trip, under budget which the guests absolutely loved and were so grateful to be a part of.


“Thank you so much for what you do. It is truly appreciated.” Guest