Indigenous Business and Investor Initiative–Canberra

Indigenous Business and Investor Initiative – Canberra

The Dhawura Ngilan Business & Investor Initiative marks a significant convergence of Senior Indigenous leaders, Politicians, and key industry figures, aimed at catalysing meaningful engagement between the private sector and First Nations communities.

Central to this initiative are the comprehensive guides offering authoritative advice, led by First Nations perspectives. These guides serve as crucial tools for private entities, ensuring their interactions with First Nations communities are respectful and honor the principles of free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC), thus safeguarding cultural heritage. What began with an estimated attendance of 30-40 guests swiftly expanded to a gathering of 70 distinguished individuals hailing from across Australia, underscoring the broad-reaching importance and momentum behind this collaborative effort.

Our Brief:

  • To bring together Senior Indigenous leaders, Politicians and key industry leaders to launch the Dhawura Ngilan Business & Investor Initiative
  • The guides provide authoritative First Nations -led advice for the private sector when engaging with First Nations communities, to protect their cultural heritage by respecting the right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).
  • The client estimated initially 30-40 guests and they then increased to 70 guests from around Australia.

Services provided

  • Venue sourcing and selection
  • Selecting a suitable hotel for accommodation, to service guests and clients
  • Collaboration on the finer details of the event, running sheet, name badges, menu selection and guest registration
  • Audio Visual, working with a local supplier to deliver the event and a subsequent meeting after the launch, with virtual links
  • Ke crafted all florals with native flowers and foliage
  • Working with local charity agencies to donate flowers after the event and provide a sustainable outcome.


  • Finding a suitable date for the invited politicians to attend, whilst not in session at Parliament
  • Location of a venue suitable for government dignitaries to access and return to Parliament
  • Liaising with the Chef at the venue to assist in understanding the use of native flavours and how to use them in the menu selected by the clients
  • Sourcing native foods for use by the Chef
  • Working with the venue to encourage them to be more accommodating for specific client requests, and taking them away from their usual method of doing business.


  • A powerful presentation for the launch of the DBNI guides, for industry and all those who wish to harness collaborations with indigenous communities and learning the right way to engage in these processes
  • First Nations cultures are an integral part of the rich tapestry of Australia’s history and identity. They must be not only protected but valued and celebrated. All Australian businesses, investors, governments, and individuals share the responsibility of caring for the valuable and diverse cultural heritage of our country
  • Positive feedback from some of the biggest companies in Australia, who have invested in the planning process and will continue to inspire their teams, to collaborate with First Nations communities

Client Feedback

Ke’s professionalism, ability to come up with solutions to any hurdle thrown, attention to detail in understanding the brief, representing the client when push back was needed with the venue, including moving the chef to work with Native ingredients, the stunning native flower arrangements etc., was absolutely extraordinary.

Sarah Easson – Head of Media Relations – NATIONAL NATIVE TITLE COUNCIL