Commonwealth Bank Australia

Iconic Melbourne Laneway

As the Principal Partner at a key association conference, CBA were required to engage their business banking personnel with the attendees and reached out to the Ke. Creative team to make this happen.


  1. Create a space that fosters conversation
  2. Subtle brand presence
  3. Be the central feature of the expo

Imagine turning a corporate presence into the true hero of an Association Conference – that was the challenge when CBA took the spotlight as the Principal Sponsor. Our mission? To not just engage but to make sure every interaction left a lasting impression. And where better to make waves than in the vibrant heart of Melbourne?

We brought a slice of Melbourne’s iconic laneways right into the Expo, creating an immersive experience that revolved around one of the city’s great loves – coffee. The stand wasn’t just a booth; it was a piece of Melbourne magic.

Taking inspiration from the famed Hosier Lane, we didn’t stop at a simple coffee station. No, our team elevated the space with a wall feature adorned with snapshots from the laneway itself. Arch windows mimicked Melbourne’s unique architecture, and to add that extra touch of authenticity, we called in local graffiti maestro Rob Scholten to craft a masterpiece.

The result? A show-stopping centrepiece at the conference, a dynamic blend of attraction and interaction. Attendees weren’t just walking by; they were drawn into a space that went beyond the ordinary, sparking new conversations and fostering deep connections.