2021 Outlook for Events Management


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2021 Outlook for Events Management

Nadia Kentera – Director, KE Creative Events

December 2020 and things were finally looking up for the event management industry. Melbourne had zero cases of Covid-19 for weeks and Christmas time was at a 30 person maximum capacity – happy days.

Getting the KE Creative team together for our annual Strategy Planning Day late December was exciting – although the results for the year end were dismal, we were all determined to look to what was going to be a different 2021 – bringing back and running face to face events with the confidence to run a hybrid model event should the need arise. We had already executed the virtual events platform with and without the live stage so we were confident to continue and build on our skill-sets further.

Fast forward to Jan 8, 2021 as I sit and contemplate ‘What will the events sector look like’? Overnight, once again, we are faced with mandatory masks, outbreaks in various states, and the big killer, the border closures.