Lavish & Styled: Simple, Creative Christmas Centrepieces


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Lavish & Styled: Simple, Creative Christmas Centrepieces

Carol Rothschild, Event & Styling Manager, Ke. Creative Events

OMG, with less than 60 days to Christmas, Santa will be on your doorstep before you know it. Christmas and end of year events are often planned well in advance, or you may decide to create a fun event for the staff with little notice.

Many large companies love to celebrate the year with their staff, selecting a specific theme or choosing to deck the halls in the traditional Christmas spirit. Here I will share ideas to inspire you for large or smaller events, seated around the large table.

In Australia, we experience all weather types with cold weather in some places and hot in others. So, I have selected a few ideas for you to consider for your event, bringing festive flair and capturing the essence of Christmas, that will make your tables shine and sparkle.

  • Coastal Chic:
    Bring the summer vibes to the table with mini surfboards, a water theme and include coastal elements around the outside with shells, sand, and a beachy vibe. Use a fishbowl and add some of the creative elements inside and make it colourful, with a dash of blue dye in the water. Scatter shells on the table and these can also be used for place names if you want everyone in a particular order. Or add sand and shells inside the fishbowl and other colourful sea glass from the beach.
  • Native Wonders:
    The smell of native flowers is delicate and brings the table to life with the use of bottlebrush, banksia and leaves spread in the middle of a log table or in the middle of a round table. Use pinecones and keep the traditional colours of red, green and white in the centrepiece. Add some berries and twigs for a very Aussie Christmas !
  • Tropical Paradise:
    Since it is summertime during Christmas, why not embrace the tropical vibes? Fill tall vases with palm leaves, vibrant orchids, and tropical fruits like baby pineapples. On the table, place a few more leaves such as banana leaves and add coconuts, papaya, mangoes and add a touch of whimsy with figurines or maybe pink flamingos ! We also love using our gold palm stands, made in metal and adding that touch of glamour, with a candle added for a night event, your table will look so glamourous. Your guests will think they are in paradise.
  • On Earths Ground:
    If you are feeling down to earth, a rustic centrepiece will hit the note, using wood elements, sticks and pinecones. Buy coloured or plain hessian and use as a runner on the table, and add some wooden discs cut from a tree, on the table. You can use old jars filled with sticks standing up or wrapped with string, plus you need some magic with some little jars filled with bunches of flowers, interspersed with dried orange slices, fresh rosemary sprigs, cinnamon quills tied up with ribbon. Go for a walk in your local area and you will be surprised what you find. Dried flowers also work really well for this arrangement.
  • Candles and cones:
    There is nothing nicer than seeing candles lit, surrounded by a collection of your favourite baubles, with all the colours of Christmas, entwined in tinsel. Using candles can be with a real flame or utilising the amazing range of flameless candles that really look so real. One tall one on a raised stand is dramatic and a collection of candles looks so much better. Add a piece of satin fabric underneath and place baubles, rosemary sprigs, baby pinecones or a small red vase of fresh flowers.

Let your imagination run free and embrace the uniqueness of Australia and the spirit of ‘down under’ to make your festive table come alive.

If you are not confident pulling this together, this is where Ke.Creative Events can assist you as we have traditional and modern ideas to create your vision of a special Christmas event. Check out our Instagram posts or better still, give us a call and ask for the Christmas Carol, to look after you!

Lavish & Styled: Simple, Creative Christmas Centrepieces


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Lavish & Styled: Simple, Creative Christmas Centrepieces

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