Networking is Back at Industry Events – and people are embracing every opportunity!


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Networking is Back at Industry Events – and people are embracing every opportunity!

Still on a high from running an orthodontic conference, (yes they were an absolute hoot to work with), a big observation was the massive interaction had at the networking events. Bringing people together from all over Australia and overseas to connect together and exchange knowledge and have a few laughs was up there on the rewards richter scale!

The observation was a huge reminder for us as event managers to remind our clients of the importance of networking at events and the massive worth they bring to individuals and partners of the event. Here’s a reminder of why:

  • Building relationships is a huge plus when networking – meeting new people who can ultimately help you establish new connections and create long-term relationships – future growth opportunities are a win-win for all!
  • Expanding your knowledge: If I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a keynote or industry speaker who makes my mind go bang, I get the opportunity to chase them down and pick their brains (if need be). Sometimes if you’re lucky enough you can continue the conversation over a drink during break time. A massive opportunity to get the latest advice and insights you wouldn’t normally get… again winning!
  • Generating leads: Who doesn’t love a new lead for your business or career? Talking to someone new actually may lead to a new opportunity, partnership or collaboration. The power of a new collab is huge and if you have two businesses or people that complement one another then action it! Two minds are better than one.
  • Increasing your visibility: Attending events and networking can help you increase your visibility within your industry. You can establish yourself as a thought leader, build your personal brand, and gain recognition for your work. And who doesn’t love a bit of a spotlight now and then?
  • Finally putting yourself out there at networking events forces you to get out there and be heard. They can help you improve your communication skills, including your ability to make small or big talk, give presentations, and pitch your ideas!

So next time you are working on your conference or event program, build in networking time – lots of it….. people are back and networking is the foundation – it sets the tone and expectations of what’s to come.

So keep talking….. Nadia