Ignite Your Event with Tradition: The Power of a Smoking Ceremony


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Ignite Your Event with Tradition: The Power of a Smoking Ceremony

Cara Coughey, Event Coordinator, KE Creative Events

Ke. Creative Events recently engaged proud Larrakia man and traditional owner, Trent Lee, to welcome our client and guests to Darwin, as part of an incentive trip.

Click through to learn about the significance of a ‘smoking ceremony’ in indigenous culture and the role it plays in welcoming your guests…

Picture this – your event is about to kick off, and the smokey air around you is filled with the mesmerizing scents of eucalyptus and other traditional plants. Guests gather closely together to hear the welcoming words of a local Traditional Owner, as they invite everyone to bathe in the smoke.

Smoking ceremonies have been practiced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for thousands of years to cleanse the land, connect with ancestors, and welcome visitors. The smoke from burning native plants cleanses individuals and surrounds of any negative energy and aids to wish people well while they are on their lands.

Indigenous Australians have a profound spiritual connection to the land and their ancestors. The smoking ceremony allows participants to connect with the land and seek the guidance and protection of their ancestors.

Including a Smoking Ceremony as part of your Welcome to Country sets the tone for an inclusive and culturally rich experience. It’s a chance for everyone to come together, learn, and appreciate the vibrant tapestry of Australia’s First Nation people.