The Importance of Award Recognition


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The Importance of Award Recognition

Nadia Kentera, Director, KE Creative Events

We recently had the pleasure of working on an awards dinner as part of an industry conference. For this particular client, it was their second year running the awards process, and for me, having run this conference for more than 15 years, it felt great.

It was refreshing to see a change, a new movement, to recognise and honour individuals and organisations for their notable achievements and contributions to the industry.

Our Ke. Creative Team had transformed the conference room into a new space. There was an energy about it, you could literally feel the excitement of the guests as they wondered who’s name was going to be called up next…

As with most award dinners, this event provided a platform to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of deserving individuals, and why shouldn’t we celebrate achievements? They are a big deal!

It made me think of the effects on others awards have – the motivation it provides to those that didn’t get the award, perhaps it gives individuals the push to be their best. As I looked around at all the delegates, I wondered how many of these guests were inspired in that moment to achieve excellence in their field?

The networking component alone is a massive value add and having the awards as the feature provides a very easy discussion point for those wanting to reach out to someone for the first time.

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of work behind the scenes in pulling together award submissions including the hours of judging and critiquing but it is all worth it when you get to experience what I did that night. We curated an event where moments were made, connections were created and winners get their moment to shine!