Green Vibes Only: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Event Sustainable


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Green Vibes Only: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Event Sustainable

Roz Skilton, Activation and Events Manager, KE Creative Events

Event Managers put their heart and soul into every detail of the event; from setting the right tone with the venue choice, bringing the theme to life with the program, and showcasing every vendor. But nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing everything leave the expo for landfill. Welcome to the world of sustainable event planning!

So many event suppliers are carefully sourcing their products and materials however, they are so busy they don’t have the chance to market the eco-friendly options on offer. You don’t need to settle for the standard anymore, be a trailblazer, find out what products are being used and ask yourself – and them -“How can I produce less landfill at my next event?”

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, turning your event into a green affair isn’t just a trend; it’s a responsibility. So, whether you’re organising a wedding, corporate conference, or exhibition, here are 10 fun ways to make your event more sustainable while leaving a lasting impression.


    Avoid printing on shell schemes – printed octonorm goes straight in to landfill after the event – that’s nearly 1 cubic meter per 3×3 stand! Lots of stand builders are printing on to recycled cardboard, just ask..

    Add a recycle sign to your artwork to let customers know sustainability is at the forefront of everything you do.


    Kick start your event by printing any absolutely necessary handouts on seeded paper or made from recycled materials. You’ll save on paper waste and set the eco-friendly tone right from the start. Of course go digital wherever possible instead of printing programs, certificates, directional signage etc


    Work with Chefs that use local, organic ingredients and find ways to eliminate food wastage. Can some snacks be served in large jars so uneaten items can be safely consumed later in the day rather going straight in the bin?

    Is the unused food thrown away or composted? At an event we held at MCG in 2018, I remember staff proudly explaining any unconsumed food from an event would be responsibly used to compost the gardens.

    Choose venues that support food rescue groups, such as FareShare, Second Bite and Oz Harvest, as the laws have been changed, so that food can be donated to these organisations without any issues, if handled correctly and temperature controlled.


    Set up waste reduction stations with clear signage for recycling, composting, and landfill waste. Educate attendees on how to properly dispose of their items. Remember, not ALL coffee cups are recyclable, so collaborate with the venue on sourcing suitable and recyclable items. They will need to work with you too, on the rubbish cycle.


    In your before you attend email, suggest delegates bring their reusable coffee cups for the event.
    Work with a barista company that focuses on ethical sourcing of coffee beans, composting used coffee beans and using cups either from recycled material or the venues own cups.
    Let’s stop putting 1000’s of coffee cups in the bin at every event 🙏🏼


Ditch the balloons and opt for reusable decorations like potted plants, flowers made from recycled paper, hired furniture, and natural elements such as sand, driftwood and seashells. These items not only look beautiful, they also reduce waste. We have a beautiful range of decor and centrepieces so feel free to reach out for inspo or check out our Instagram.

Remember, making your event more sustainable isn’t just about checking boxes; it’s about setting an example and creating a memorable experience that shows we can celebrate responsibly. So, have fun with it, get creative and host your next event with an eco-friendly focus – that leaves everyone talking about the great time they had while taking care of our planet! 🌍🌿🎉

Get in touch with the Ke. team if you want to explore more sustainable solutions for your events.