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Explore Ke’s Top Trends in Events Management.

Discover how cutting-edge technology enhances engagement, sustainable practices reduce environmental impact, and immersive design captivates audiences.

Whether a seasoned pro or newcomer, gain invaluable insights into the dynamic industry landscape shaping 2024!

Go Big and Bold with AV!

In 2024, it’s all about standing out from the crowd – creating impact when delegates walk in a room – with bigger and bolder event choices. From ultra-wide LED screens and mammoth projections to large-scale interactive displays, we can work with our tech companies to create visuals with impact!

  • Roving Reporters and Vox Pops
    Vox Pops are short form videos, designed for social media, made up of interviews and clips from your event. Get live feeds direct from delegates with Roving Reporters. Great for direct onsite engagement!
  • Podcasting Booths
    Podcasts offer a unique way to connect with your delegates and keep the conversation going well after the event! A powerful marketing tool that will add value to your event and be a new ‘sponsored’ option for the taking!

Sustainability: Leading the Way

Sustainability is only getting more and more awareness and our Ke. Creators are embracing this all the way!

  • We are talking to venues about energy usage, transportation emissions and sourcing of local produce – every bit helps in reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Instead of hosting one large event in a single location, think about organising smaller events across different cities. Not only does this minimise carbon emissions associated with travel but promotes local economic development and community engagement!
  • Create accountability with your attendees. Why not ask them to bring in their water bottles?
  • Create expo stands from cardboard! Our recent Peters stand was made from 100% recycled was 100% recyclable and used in two shows! Now that’s sustainable practice.
  • Embrace the 100 Mile Radius Rule – support local businesses within 100 miles (or 160km for us Aussies) not only will it contribute to the vibrancy of the event but you are giving back to local artists, suppliers and showing off a region of goodness!

Diversity & Inclusion: Celebrating Differences

In the pursuit of creating truly inclusive and welcoming environments, it’s essential to celebrate and embrace diversity at every turn. Don’t try and do it all – small changes will make a difference:

  • If the conference floor permits, introduce a sensory-friendly space – think bean bags, a quiet chill zone
  • Diverse speaker line ups in your program that will enrich your program
  • Gender neutral toilets and finally;
  • Embrace inclusivity in event greetings by acknowledging ‘Ladies and Gentlemen… and all those in between’ this demonstrates your commitment to recognising and celebrating the diverse identities and backgrounds of all attendees.

Through these initiatives, we strive to create events where everyone feels seen, heard, and welcomed.

Immersive Experiences: Engaging the Senses

Understanding the needs and preferences of your attendees is key to creating immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

From subtle sensory elements to transformative moments, here are some strategies to enhance attendee engagement:

  • Themed Experiences – Curating events around specific themes or narratives, immersing attendees in a cohesive and memorable storyline.
  • Sensory Activations – Elevate your event experience by incorporating signature scents that evoke specific emotions and memories. This cost-effective yet impactful element can leave a lasting impression on attendees, enhancing the overall ambiance and atmosphere of your event.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – Integrating VR/AR technologies to create interactive environments and virtual tours, enhancing engagement and participation.

Ready to Transform Your Events?

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