Commonwealth Bank

Pullman Hotel, Albert Park – Melbourne

Commonwealth Bank briefed KE Creative to design and create a showstopper coffee activation for the Finance & Treasury Conference Exhibition. They wanted the stand to be bright and casual, approachable from all all sides and focused on sustainability. 
We wanted to give delegates a true taste of Melbourne by designing a Melbourne laneway themed coffee stand that would bring the famous Hosier Lane to them! 
We had great fun working with a local artist on the graffiti wall design and giving finishing touches with the brand coloured bicycle and custom made cafe barriers. The responsibly sourced coffee suppliers, St Ali served the drinks in CBA branded reusable cups which delegates used throughout the conference and took home, saving more than 1,000 plastic lids and paper cups!
CBA were thrilled with the outcome, the activation had a great buzz and attracted a crowd for the entire event. 
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